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IONIAN was born in 2011 as a business concept to become a partner for all those who needed to outsource all their online needs. Working closely with every single customer and leading them to better online presentation and integrity.

"It was hard at first to convince people that did not understand the power of online interactivity, but once they understood its value they just wanted to invest more in the industry!" - Alen Saqe, Founder.

After years of experience we understood that not only businesses need to interact online, so we started developing Android Apps for everyone to play, work and study with. Now we understand that digital goods and data are not a luxury anymore, they are a necessity and they help us make our life's easier.

We believe that "data" is not only for targeting ads, but its much more powerful than that!

We are working on projects to make peoples life easier more integrated and to automate a lot of processes that they need in everyday life and help them throughout the day!

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